With Our TREKK360 Camera.

Click any image below for samples taken from our TREKK360 platform.

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Storm Inlets


Critical Infrastructure

  Our samples rotate occasionally, so the above image may not indicate the viewer you click into, but the idea is the same. It's so much easier (and safer) to avoid sending a person into a structure. Sometimes you see defects like the above so much more clearly with our approach. Other times you see a clean manhole with structural defects you wouldn't see though conventional inspection means. The above viewer was captured entirely as a walking/floating tour through a pump station facility to document and visualize its condition for easy reference. (Contact us for the password.)  


VR Goggle Friendly

Perform inspections with Oculus, Vive,
Gear, Daydream or Google Cardboard

When loading this page on your phone,
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Safe Applications

No one has to enter an unsafe structure,
whether it's 100' deep, or electrically hot.

View a sewer digester here: Deep Structures
 Or explore samples of our electrical vault
inspections here: Electrical Vaults

Capture Your Very Own "Street View," Without Any Streets

Yet another example of how TREKK360 can be leveraged... wherever you can walk, take the visuals as you go: Drainage Channels